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See more ideas about kerala architecture, kerala and kerala houses. View of house designed by us with traditional kerala architecture features like poomukham,chuttu verandah memorial for sankaracharya sree sankaracharya was one of the greatest saints and vedic teachers ever lived in kerala. The design principles of these buildings remained conservative. The stage within the hall is considered to be as sacred as the temple sanctum.

They have some good wooden details and are made incorporating all the vernacular architectural features of kerala. Download as ppt, pdf, txt or read online from scribd. Steeped in history, unscathed by time kerala traditional house, traditional house. Vernacular architecture is a term used to categorize methods of construction which use locally available resources and traditions to address local needs. Kerala architecture a brief the cultural heritage of any country is seen best exposed in its architectural monuments. Although some of modern kerala houses are respectively followed the architectural concept courtyard in its layout, the central open courtyard is considered an old distinguished feature for kerala architecture which called traditionally by indians nadumuttom. The houses of kerala characterized by the boldness and simplicity of forms, dominated by sweeping and red tiled roofs. Happened developments in the field of architecture in the last three decades of the last century caused. Pdf the vernacular architecture of kerala in india is explored to. Vernacular architecture tends to evolve over time to reflect the environmental,culturaland historical contextin whichitexists. Identifying and establishing linkages in architecture. Traditional architecture in india is generally governed by a knowledge, prescribed in a.

It protected the state from political invasions that hit south india till the. Traditional kerala architecture is a vast subject which deals with lot of numerical calculations. Traditional materiallaterite stone building materials. Kerala, the wonderful state in southern india has a culture and tradition found nowhere in the rest of the country. This shows the modification of traditional style by a particular cultural contact. The ppt describes the history,culture,architecture of kerala. Picture shows memorial for sree sankaracharya at kalady,depicting rich traditions of kerala architecture. Koothambalams are said to be constructed according to the guide lines given in the chapter 2 of natyasastra of bharata muni. Pdf the living culture and typomorphology of vernacular. Kerala s traditional built forms steep sloping roofs with uniquely designed gables, main living and working spaces flanked by colonnaded verandahs and the fenestrations on walls detailed to allow controlled winds while maintaining privacy indoors yet giving veiled access to outside views are characteristics of the traditional built forms of kerala.

The architecture follows the traditional theme of the place with thatch roof and interiors with all modern facilities. It is an indigenous architecture with specific time. This paper is an account of observations of traditionalvernacular houses in kerala using the frameworks of typomorphology and vernacular architecture. Heres a list of some of the best architecture firms in kerala, please note that the names are arranged in alphabetical order and not ranked in any manner. It was located in a self contained compound and was specially designed to cater to the needs of the huge tarawads of old under the marumakkathayam matrilineal system. As far as matter concern about the quality this fact that in the date of today we are redefining the quality and also latest technology. Climatic impact on vernacular architecture of kerala. The traditional kerala house is a quadrangular building called nalukettu constructed strictly in accordance with the principles of tachu sastra science of architecture. Tradition is making a comeback amongst millennials today. The book published by mapin publishing documents the mosques of cochin and. Kerala architecture has rich tradition and there was never an attempt to collect valuable details and traditional styles and methods used by kerala architects of olden days. Nalukettu pronunciation help info is the traditional homestead of old tharavadu where many generations of a matrilineal family lived. The traditional architecture is typically a rectangular structure where four halls are joined together with a central courtyard open to the sky.

Traditional kerala interior design architecture history thatchu shasthra, or the science of carpentry and traditional vasthu, was the governing. Traditional residential built forms in kerala, india. Traditional kerala house with old structure plan the house was created as a tharavad type a system of joint family, which is practiced by keralian people. Vastuvidya traditional architecture traditional kerala architecture is the vastu vidhya is derived from the stapatya veda of adharva veda and deals with two types of architecture residential architecture manusyalaya under functional architecture temples coming under conceptual architecture. Naalukettu traditional kerala architecture 3d warehouse. These samples cover ordinary commoner houses, the traditional courtyard house and the single mass house, as well as the non kerala vernacular houses and houses with colonial vernacular architecture. See more ideas about kerala architecture, kerala, lakshadweep. Anyone with more information on features of kerala architecture and practices earlier used by kerala architects may please write to us with details to be included in this.

Find the perfect traditional kerala roof stock photo. Traditional kerala architecture is primarily based on the principles of thatchu shashtra science of carpentry and vaasthu shashtra science of architecture and construction. Fueled by the need to belong and to be part of a heritage there is a widespread revival. Architecture of goa the architecture of goa is a combination of indian, islamic and portuguese styles. This paper is an account of observations of traditional vernacular houses in kerala using the frameworks of typomorphology and vernacular architecture. The family has been traditionally involved in the silk saree business for many generations and follow the jointfamily system with grandparents, sons, their wives and children all living and growing together. Traditional materiallaterite stone free download as powerpoint presentation.

The research method utilized is the typomorphology analysis argan 1965, moneo. The early mosques in kerala consequently resemble the traditional building of the region. Goan hindu houses do not show any portuguese influence, though the modern temple architecture is. What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent link. See more ideas about kerala architecture, kerala houses and traditional house. Small house design 800 sq ft 21 beautiful home plans kerala 3 bedroom house plan in 1200 square feet eith nalukettu style house design, beautiful courtyard plan, see more. Vernacular architecture sathyabama institute of science. The architecture, environment and culture of kerala stand.

Nalukettu house plan old kerala style veedu design. Kerala architecture is a kind of architectural style that is mostly found in indian state of kerala. The presentation in the subject of sustainable building materials laterite stone. The critical study of vernacular settlement architecture is a topic of research that tries to answer whether matrilineal kinship has specific impact on design of settlement and architecture. Every one says that the vastu is full of superstitions and it is really mad to follow it. Top 40 architecture firms in kerala rtf rethinking the. The same goes for the architecture in kerala, where you can see buildings. Basically speaking they are the traditional houses of kerala. Visit my blog for more info on traditional kerala architecture an elaborate article on the architecture of kerala requires a little research, so here i will be only dealing with the naalukettu.

The ways in which the buildings are designed, constructed and decorated speak not only the technical and artistic capabilities of the craftsmen, but also of the aspirations and visions of the perceptors, for whom the. About kerala style beautiful house plans and elevation, home plans, to 3000 square feet plans, kerala home plans, house elevations. Courtyard in kerala architecture divides the settlements to four sections. It explores not only the traditional vernacular, but also how this is changing in response to external influences and modernisation.

These types of buildings are typically found in the indian state of kerala. Architecture of kerala buildings and structures art media free. Later modern architecture can be considered after world war ii to the early 70s ghobadian, 2003. See more ideas about kerala architecture, kerala and place of worship. Vastu tramtkjn in kerala vasfu is regarded in india more as a philosophy rather than as a. Kerala architecture is one of the most exciting examples of preservation of vernacular styles. The cases in kerala, india and in minangkabau, indonesia are done with regard to common socialspatial organization of matrilineal kinship, tropical. Climate influence in traditional kerala buildings forum. Traditional kerala architecture is a kind of architectural style that is mostly found in the indian state of kerala and all these architectural wonders of kerala holds the ultimate testimonials from the ancient vishwakarma sthapathis of kerala.

Arkitecture studio is the leading architects interior designers and civil engineering team located at calicut kerala india. I recently visited a more than 150 year old traditional home in narayanavanam in andhra pradesh. Since the portuguese ruled for four centuries, many churches and houses bear a striking element of the portuguese style of architecture. Arkitecture studio is the next generation of leading architects in calicut,architects in ernakulam,architect in cochin,architects in thiruvananthapuram, kerala. The sahya mountains which form part of the western ghats is the main mountain range in kerala. This paper gives a brief overview of vernacular architecture. Houses were constructed facing the east, preferably and the design of the buildings as well as the materials used for construction is locally available and also conducive. Traditionally kerala has its architectural roots from buddhism which once prevailed in the area.

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