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Blue force tracker becomes selfaware, has existential crisis by sgt b 5 years ago 2 years ago kandahar, afghanistan a blue force tracker system currently in use by u. My email is email protected last bumped by anonymous on sun mar 20, 2011 4. Spotty network coverage meant that transferring data often took forever. A case study in the accelerated acquisition of a digital command and control system during operations enduring freedom and iraqi freedom by. Army, marine corps, and special operations forces commanders use jbcp to. Wheres the tb showing the correct mounting locations and other info for the rt1694d vehicular mounting kits. Peo c3t develops, acquires, fields and supports the armys tactical communications network a critical army modernization priority that brings information dominance to current and future soldiers. The significantly faster and more efficient blue force tracking 2 system is designed as a highcapacity, lowlatency network upgrade to bft that will bring realtime situational awareness to warfighters in combat vehicles and rotarywing aircraft through. Battle command training facility force xxi battle command brigade and belowblue force tracker familiarization training. Army fields nextgeneration blue force tracking system. Fbcb2 serves as the c2sa link between platforms and the c2sa systems located in the operations centers at all levels. To this end, the bfea interference sources will broadcast waveforms. Blue force tracker has profound implications for land warfare, and related contracts extend from computers to backend services. Battle command training facility force xxi battle command brigade and below blue force tracker familiarization training.

Naval postgraduate school monterey, california mba professional report force xxi battle command brigade and belowblue force tracking fbcb2bft. The system is optimized to receive integrated broadcast service intelligence data via uhf satellite communication satcom broadcast channels, providing. It uses secure inmarsat satellite communications and can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world. The army is upgrading how it tracks friendly forces to increase readiness. Blue force tracking track mounted and dismounted units. Blue force tracker becomes selfaware, has existential crisis. The findings suggest that blue force tracker is an effective command and control technology at the fireteam level, and has no additional cognitive impact compared with the use of a paper map. Antijam antennas for gps pseudolites and blue force. The system also includes an intuitive interface with features like touchtozoom maps and dragand. The air force tactical receive system ruggedized aftrsr, also known as the ibr3, provides secure, near realtime multisource threat, survivor, and blue force tracker intelligence data. Track24 blue force tracking is a mobile situational awareness, command and control software application. And the same goes for keeping the integration up to date with nodes entering and leaving the setup.

Bftfbcb2 login to download, request hard copy, or add this manual to your unit library. How the army plans to improve its friendly force tracking. Battle command training facility force xxi battle command. The softwareenhanced version of force xxi battle command brigadeandbelowblue. Force xxi battle command brigade and belowblue force tracker 28 d.

The jcr system upgrade includes blue force tracking 2 bft 2, a hightech, highspeed forcetracking satellitecommunications network. Force xxi battle command brigade and below fbcb2 past. Pm fbcb2s nextgeneration situational awareness system. Joint tactical terminal integrated broadcast service. No matter what the temperature, rain, the distance that was one system that endured, col. Force xxi battle command brigade and below fbcb2 information. This brief video focuses on a warfighters experience with a tobyhannaprovided weapon system or service. Blue force tracking for dismounted soldiers defence research. Blue force tracking bft is a united states military term used to denote a gpsenabled system that provides military commanders and forces with location information about friendly and despite its name, also about hostile military forces. Jbcp builds on the situational awareness capability known as force xxi battle command brigade and below blue force tracking, which is integrated on more than 120,000 platforms and is fielded or authorized to every brigade combat team in the army. If you find any mistakes or if you know of a way to improve the procedures, please let us know.

By nancy jonesbonbrest, peo c3t staff writer june 5, 2014. By purchasing direct from blue force gear, you are assured the best customer service, fast delivery times, hassle free returns, and site security straight from the manufacturer. It did not demonstrate the ability to support army and marine corps leaders, soldiers, and marines with the critical capabilities of command and control c2 messages, and. The army recently began testing the next phase of its blue force tracking system called jointbattle command platform and officers involved in the training and testing exercises liare seeing good results. Blue force tracker1 bft1 and blue force tracker2 bft2 are used by almost every ground and aviation vehicle in the us army today.

Introduction the global positioning system gps is a constellation of more than 30 satellites orbiting the earth. Divestiture of software for force xxi battle command, brigade and below fbcb2 6. Blue force tracker 2 satellite communications for mobile operations. If you find any mistakes or if you know of a way to improve the. Blue force tracking and force xxi battle command brigade and below fbcb2controlled operations provides a look into an almost futuristic world of ground tac ops. Integrating mounted and dismounted units into your blue force tracking has always proved a severe challenge with a tremendous work load. Bft helps to increase combat effectiveness and prevent fratricide with. Below fbcb2blue force tracker bft, movement tracking system.

Joint battle command platform jbcp director operational test. Missions can be planned knowing exactly where forces are, and messages can be sent to. Battletested stryker upgrades to new blue force tracking. Besides, the system will be a lot easier to developed, test, certify and deploy its software capabilities and at a lower cost. Manual for the wheeled vehicle driver, and the appropriate technical manual for. M998 waoa, m6 pedestal, blue force tracker and helmet hard top. The canadian army is acquiring a blue force tracking bft capability for all dismounted soldiers with. Force xxi battle command brigade and below blue force tracker 28 d. During the fiscal 2019 budget roll out in february, army officials at the pentagon indicated that the service would be accelerating its joint battle commandplatform, which provides friendly forces awareness information known as blue force tracking, as well as encrypted data and faster satellite network connectivity. Blue force tracker is a system that gives commanders and troops in the field a realtime picture of the battlefield not possible with conventional maps. The avx620 transceiver enables the display of positions for u. Although they fulfil the same function, each operates over its own dedicated satellite channel. The capability provides a common picture of the location of friendly forces and therefore is referred to as. Make operational decisions and pass information to your assets.

The results showed that when using bft, soldiers were faster in. Viasat has been awarded the idiq contract to supply high speed, high capacity, low latency bft equipment to the u. Blue force tracker bft is the technologys colloquial name, and this digital command and control system that provides on the move, near real. Over the last 16 years, more than 95,000 fbcb2 systems have been deployed worldwide. Apply to logistic coordinator, systems administrator, sales representative and more. Primary means was blue force trackerthe ability to look up specific units and know exactly their location and progress was very important. Jbcp communications is supported by blue force tracker 2 satellite for mobile operations, and the tactical internet for command post operations mission. In nato military symbology, blue typically denotes friendly forces. These satellites broadcast radio signals that can be used to calculate and track the location information of people, vehicles and other assets equipped with gps receivers. Enhancing force protection sitaware does the job for you.

The addon includes a rugged tablet for command units, a fieldportable android device for tactical units, invehicle map. Selected joint and army terms and definitions appear in both the glossary and the text. Blue force tracking is a united states military term for a gpsenabled capability that provides military commanders and forces with location information about friendly and despite its name, also hostile military forces. Blue force tracking global network operation center. Developed as part of the force xxi battle command, brigadeandbelow fbcb2 type1 encryption device t1ed program, the kgv72 is a highgrade security solution that is compatible with existing and future blue force tracking bft terminals and transceivers. Ps 777 readers, the communications security logistics activity confirms the right hub for the kgv72 is nsn 650702599.

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